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Spotlight Hosted by Najmah53

Spotlight Hosted by Najmah53 is a weekly BlogTalk radio show on a muslim radio channel. American Muslim360 is the MOST popular, MOST listened to Islamic/Muslim oriented radio station on Blog Talk Radio! (#1 in Islamic programming and #17 out of 40,000 channels overall). Spotlight interviews people of interests in the community, and discusses islamic topics that are relevant to the muslim community.  Tune in Every Wednesday 7p-8p Eastern Standard Time via the live stream on the website: or call in to listen to the program over your phone 646-716-4478.  If you are a person of interest wanting to contact the host, email:

"Hearing Najmah53 was very helpful for me. I do not know much about being a Muslim but I feel that I am learning and more. My goal is to become knowledgeable and multiculturally competent, and being able to hear from an individual from the community has helped. I enjoyed her honesty and willingness to share some of the struggles that she is facing. As far as her sharing about some of the things she enjoyed about being Muslim, I could identify with her. I am not Muslim, but I understood what she meant she described her God as being so important in her life." -Daniel M.

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