"A friend sent this to me...I love it and would love to participate. I actually am struggling through some of this at the present moment...." - Sherri L

"...This is good for absolutely everyone...all ages! Everyone struggles today with negativity! BRAVO!! I'm in too" - Maxine G.



In 2013, I issued a challenge to my 20 yr old mentee, a talented artist experiencing many road blocks in life.  I gave a "prescription", that if she followed for the next three months, major improvements would occur in her currently chaotic life.  When looking at the template, I asked myself the question "Am I doing everything on the list?"  Of course some of them were a no-brainer (no drinking or smoking for me), but what about my negative thoughts? or my inspiration? So I did what any mentor would do and made myself accountable.  I decided to make this challenge public (through Facebook) and everyday (kind of like a diary), I publicly would post my "lesson"  that I took from the day. (with the hashtag #DoingGoodFeelsGood).  After a while, it caught on.  More and more people starting engaging in the experiment.  Even after the experiment was over, many people were inspired by my posts, and wanted me to still post my lessons.  I publicly do this every year starting on March 21st, but if you don't want to wait, feel free to start TODAY.  And please email me with any progress or updates on how #DOINGGOODFEELSGOOD has inspired you!!!  If you would like a "Doing Good Feels Good" Workshop facilitated by NAJMAH53 in your area, CONTACT US


Imagine what you'd be like if you remained in a constant state of your "higher self". Having this conversation with my mentee & this is the challenge I gave. I was inspired to make this public!!!! I am extending it to MYSELF FIRST, & to my online audience. WHOSE IN??? THIS WILL LAST FOR 3 MONTHS! YOU MUST COMMIT TO 3 MONTHS STRAIGHT OF DOING THESE ACTIONS! SEE WHAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH BY JUNE 21st (MY BORN DAY) This will be a great gift for me! to see you living up to your potential!!! POST YOUR PROGRESS ON MY WALL #LETSGO!!!


1. No Negative thoughts {NO I can't do it, it's never going to happen, I'd make it but ____ always hold me back....write a list of all the negative things you tell yourself, then mentally BURN IT (physically if you need the reminder & you won't burn down the house!!!)}


2. Pollution {Do Not be a TRASH MAN/WOMAN}- Negative news, movies, reality shows, etc. effect us and our moods. Why do we feel the need to watch/share bad news? ALL DAY LONG. taking in a constant stream of pollution then sharing it with others on a day to day basis. We are being desensitized.  Don't share TRASH, DON'T TAKE IT IN! DON'T REGURGITATE IT!


3. Give Yourself a Purpose {Focus}- Focus on a the goal (Write a TO DO List, a plan, an outline of execution, check off each goal as you accomplish it) Write A Bucket List of things you want to do before you die....Do 1 off the bucket list before 3 months are up.


3. Get Physical {Body}- Absolutely NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL in your system. Discipline yourself!!! If you said in your head "WHATTT, NO WAY I CAN'T GO THAT LONG!" then you may have a dependency on these things. 3 months isn't that long if you're not dependent. And if you are, imagine if you depended on yourself and not drugs or alcohol to make you feel good. YOU CAN DO IT. Abuse of these items are slowly killing you! EAT RIGHT. EXERCISE- What we put in, is what we get out. Bad food, Lack of water is messing with our mood & what we can accomplish.  Just for a few months, be a little more conscious, drink more water, take up a sport, take a few walks instead of being angry, or exercise. Nothing big, just go at your own pace.


4. Vices {Devils are in human and spiritual forms} - What around you holds you back? It may be a person, a place, a thing that hurting you that you haven't released. It is keeping you lower, making you weaker, taking you off your straight path. Write that list, make a plan to start removing those vices out of your circle, your living space, your daily life.


5. Allies {Higher Human Interactions}- What is your benefit to people? Are you giving out the best vibrations? Are you listening intently, are you seeing all the signs shown to you? Are you utilizing your network? The positive ppl in your life are there for a reason. Tap into them and let them tap into you. Spend this time getting to know ppl you admire, people with the same passion, and attitudes. Start interacting and feeding off of each others' POWER. If you notice the ppl in your circle don't make you aspire to be better...you may need NEW ALLIES.



Doing Good Feels Good Lessons (To Share!)